Power Washing

We have been pressure washing for over 30 years. Our machines are professional grade and extremely variable in water flow and pressure delivery. When we clean walks and paths (grounds), we use a “surface cleaner” which contains the dirt coming off from blowing all over the place. We do a thorough clean-up ALWAYS. Your building is never more dirty when we leave than before we got there. The biggest complaint in pressure washing is:

  1. Damaged property including plants and shrubs from poor control of machine and pressure.
  2. The walks etc are clean, but all the dirt was left splattered on walls, fences and plants (poor or no cleanup).

This is what makes the difference between a professional and just someone who owns a machine but does not know how to use it. All of our Servicemen are trained in the above. This is why most of our work comes from referral.


A Softwash entails the use of extremely low pressure water (you can put your hand in front of it – under 700 psi), combined with effective soaps which melt the algae and mildew off the surface at low pressure strong>. The result is, we can clean stucco or painted surfaces without removing paint or damaging the building envelope membrane. We use a hydrogen peroxide based cleaner which replaces bleach in removing algae, but is not harmful to surrounding plants, animals or our workers. You may see paint missing on a fence or fascia trim after a Softwash, but it was already missing. Just camouflaged by all the algae and dirt we cleaned off.

If mildew and algae is allowed to grow on stucco, it eventually damages it. Breaking it down and eroding it. The stucco also becomes stained beyond the ability to clean. A regular Softwash every few years is important to maintain the integrity of the stucco.

But beware those who are not qualified to clean it as the can cause damage and effect building envelope warranties.

I rarely comment on home services, but my total experience with your company was exceptional from start to finish. I even received a follow up call to ask how everything looked. I would not hesitate to recommend you to my friends and neighbors. There’s no doubt that I will use you again in the future. Great Job!. BP

Our Power Washing Services Include:

  • Power Washing
  • Storm Windows
  • Skylights
  • Mirrors Screens
  • Chandeliers
  • Sill cleaning
  • Construction Clean-up